What is Alpha-Stim® & how does it work?

Alpha-Stim is a clinically proven medical prescription device for the treatment of anxiety,  insomnia and pain.  Unlike medications which are introduced into your body in a chemical form and then broken down to smaller components such as electrons, Alpha-Stim begins acting on your body at the electron level, allowing your body’s cells to return to their natural functioning state.

Depending on your condition and prescribed model, a very mild electrical current is either applied to your ear lobes with earclip electrodes (a method called Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, or CES) or directly to your muscle and/or joint with hand-held probes or self-adhesive electrodes (a method called Microcurrent Electrical Therapy, or MET). Both treatments are well tolerated and safe.

More Effective

According to a survey of 2,500 patients using Alpha-Stim for the treatment of pain, 9 out of 10 people reported significant relief of at least 25% improvement regardless of the cause of their pain. Seventy-five percent of people experienced 50%-100% improvement in pain.

How can I get an Alpha-Stim?

Talk to your healthcare provider to see if Alpha-Stim is right for you. All models of Alpha-Stim are regulated by the FDA and require a medical necessity form (or Rx) before dispensing to patients. Alpha-Stim can be ordered (prescribed) by a wide range of licensed healthcare providers, including physicians, psychologists, counselors or dentists. You may fax your Rx or our Statement of Medical Necessity (SMN) form to us at 1-888-684-8414 or email it to us at or upload your file below.

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After you send us your prescription, you may order your Alpha-Stim device in our online store or by calling 1-800-684-9343.

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Alpha-Stim treats your pain in as little as two to five minutes utilizing hand-held probes in a simple procedure that usually produces significant pain reduction. Once you understand the basic treatment strategy, the simple 4-step procedure (see treatment protocols) can be applied to any part of the body. If you prefer, you may treat your pain with easily applied self-adhesive AS-Trode electrodes.

Anxiety reduction is usually experienced during a single 20-60 minute treatment, but may be experienced hours after treatment. Insomnia is usually improved after the initial treatment but may take 3 weeks to start to see a significant difference. 


Alpha-Stim provides therapeutic, lasting results without the risk of dangerous side effects, tolerance and addiction, and may also be used as an adjunct to medication. Alpha-Stim allows you to resume normal, daily activities after treatment, and is suitable for clinical or home use. There are over 100 research studies and published reports, as well as ongoing research, surveys of patients and professional endorsements, all supporting the safety and efficacy of Alpha-Stim.

Less than 1% of people experience side effects, including headaches and skin reactions at the electrode site. There are no lasting side effects and no risk of addiction.